Magic in Afrika

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Magia en Afrika This Sabado to the 22:00

you do not lose you this sabado from the 22h the magic closely to charge of a big like Mag Kenai 


Mag Kenai Has sealed each one of his performances along the years leaving in each one of them a very particular footprint, that to a good sure will do that the spectators that have had the occasion to witness any of his shows remember it amiably.  Performances in which Mag Kenai hands completely,  leaving important dose of dynamism and elegance.  His personnel touch of humour and the complicity with the public do that his performances are amenas,  entertained,  surprising and fun, creating like this an environment of distention in which the public adentra in a world of fantasy and illusion,  that causes that the spectators remain invaded by a grata feeling.  And by a space of time will do them forget some appearances of the daily or simple life worries and live an unforgettable experience in a full magic world of fantasy and mystery. - Diseño de paginas - Guia comercial de el prat