Monologue Miguel Ángel Marín

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Monólogo Miguel Ángel Marín Sunday 11 December
Hour 20:30

 it Left that his mother bore it a 23 June 1973, in the same Jaén To the big, at all of foolishnesses!. To the five years landed in Catalonia, in his wanted to Badía of the Vallés. And here desmelenó the beast.

His first steps were in the theatre in 2001, in the group of amateur theatre T.To.L. Amateur, but with solera! It looks to be that to the “chavalín”, remained him small this of the interpretation and launched of head, with horns and everything, to write his own texts and monologues.

Early it arrived to rooms like “Coffee theatre Llantiol”, Teatreneu and Room Muntaner among others, going in in the circuit of monologuistas to national level and from 2003 acting weekly in the room 9Serlons of Barberà of the Vallés.

The recipe of his monologues, is so simple like impossible, be the same. Absurd, impredecible, natural and by that not to say it, a “done powder”. But especially with many, many win to do that the gentese amuse and forget the perrerías of the life (that it has them). A sure bet, because as it says he “If they like you the monologues, come, repeat, bring to the friends. What do not like you? As you bring to the friends the puteáis and that fuck !”

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