Restaurant Pizzeria Afrika

Restaurante Pizzería Afrika
Our aim is to try not doing expect to the client, because it is clear that when the client comes to our pizzeria is because it is hungry, by which what less take, more satisfied clients.
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Wanted client 

Hello Fellow through these words wanted to appreciate you the fidelity of all these years that have spent together sharing novelties special moments, you have been in the well and in the bad and follow here together. It wanted to appreciate you to all that keep on being clients Afrika , because you do Afrika, without you does not exist, would not exist. Not to forget us of clients so special as, a coffee with milk in glass with a lot of foam, with chocolate, the girls of posts that with so little time have them with us day in day out, short of coffee and that do not burn, a beer without foam please, these parties of Chineses so pleasant full of so many laughs, all you with your manias do that this was more special day in day out. Happy am that Afrika was the cable downloads to earth of all you and you mine, in birthday, farewells, meetings of friends and football matchs Jejé each day are more and together bigger.

Alex began very young to work like steward, thanks to this has achieved to photograph with thousands of famous characters

How it began your fans?
With 16 years  worked of steward in the airport and my fans began asking bylines to the famous that by there spent, I had bylines of Grace Jones or Richard Gare,  in a day could achieve several bylines of famous, but arrived a moment that it did not know who was who and decided that an image costs more than one hundred autographs, so  I bought me a camera and spent it to me to the airport, by the way stole it to me and the one who did it had the detail to  reveal the photos of the famous and do them to me arrive.

You know that a lot of people say that they are settings?
Je, je, if to me also have said it to me, but if it was settings would exit with Cindy Crawford, Pamela Anderson, Claudia Schiffer  and no for example with Bustamante; in the airport follow having very good friends, nowadays keeps on being my second house and follow me calling when they come famous.

When you began to work on your own?
With 23 years sold  my car which was my relic, cost me a lot undo me of my whim but with this money could mount my first venue, that called The Shelter.

In addition to the bocadillos initiated you with the Kebab
The secret of the kebab gave it to me a big fellow and brother of milk , Iranian and was the potential of the product. Had a lot success and no only in The Prat, also came of other populations.
Another success of the shelter that worked from the first day was to open the Saturdays of morning, since we were in the step of several discotheques.

It was difficult to be in two businesses at the same time?
It cost the his, my intention was to buy the venue of The Shelter but did not arrive to an agreement with the owner, and after 10 years decided to leave it and the truth every cloud has a silver lining ...

How it arose Afrika?
After a lot look for found a venue that liked me and could buy it, leave the Cookery of the Hell to devote me exclusively to Afrika
It is a bar thematic restaurant,with a big terrace  that likes to the main and to the boys loves them, since there are animals by all the venue. We think a lot in the smallest, by what have prepared special dishes for them.

You follow with the distribution to domicile?
Yes, all what there is in the card can spend  to domicile.
Because of the quantity of calls that have, have hired  three lines of telephone. We have improved in the packaging and  in the logistics. The experience and the requirement of the client have done us improve.

How you achieve the fidelity of the client?
Our aim is to try not doing expect to the client, because it is clear that when the client comes to our pizzeria is because it is hungry, by which what less take, more satisfied clients. - Diseño de paginas - Guia comercial de el prat