Mega Dishes

Mega platos
The good flavour in a dish
Loin, bacon, peppers, potatoes and egg frito9,90 €
Steak with egg, peppers and potatoes 9,90 €
Flesh of kebab, lettuce, potatoes, egg frito and home-made white sauce 11,00 €
Picanha Of beef15.75 €
250gr Picanha of beef with white rice and potato straw 
Sepia 12,80 €
Sepia of the sea mediterraneo to the iron with lettuce and tomato.
Medallions of chicken 13.00 €
Four medallions of chicken the iron wrapped with pepper and bacon accompanied of potatoes and egg frito.
Pechuga Of chicken to the iron with lettuce and tomato10,50 €
Escalopa Of beef, peppers and potatoes 10,50 €
Espaguetis To the boloñesa8,50 €
Espaguetis carbonara 8,95 €
Costillar afrikano10,20 €15,80 €
Entrecot With potatoes and peppers17,60 €
Dishes Estrella
Costillar Afrikano10,20 €15,80 €
With barbecue, peppers and potatoes
Entrecot With potatoes and peppers17,60 €
*Supplement terrace €0,25
*minimum Charge card €10
*More than 6 people does not charge separately
*Can consult to the steward if has some problem of alérgeno
Entrecote Of Beef
Steak of Beef
Medallions of Chicken
Escalopa Of Beef
Dish Kebab
Costillar Of Pig
Sepia with Salad
Loin with Bacon
Pechuga Of Chicken
Espaguetis carbonara
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