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Potatoes with mayonnaise3,70 €5,70 €
Potatoes bravas4,30 €6,80 €
Pinchos4,90 €7,90 €
Chocos5,20 €9,00 €
Croquettes of cooked of the grandmother6,50 €
Nuggets Of chicken 
Substantial pechuga of chicken of farmyard rebozada
4 units 4,50 €
9 units 7,90 €
12 units 10,20 €
Nachos7,4 € (+€1,70 with flesh)
Cheese chedaar, guacamole and jalapeños
Alitas Seasoned7,90 €
Combo Of cover9,00 €
Alitas Crispy7,90 €
Fries & Chhese6,80 €9,10 €
Rings of onion to the beer5,40 €
Potatoes in Stock exchange1,25 €
Olives2,50 €
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Combo Of cover9,00 €
Rings of onion, alitas, nuggets and sauce barbecue
Alitas Crispy7,90 €
(Light touch of spicy)
Fries&Cheese6,80 €9,10 €
Cheeses, Bacon and sauce ranchera
With Cheese chedaar, guacamole and jalapeños
Rings of onion to the beer5,40 €
*Supplement terrace €0,25
*minimum Charge card €10
*More than 6 people does not charge separately
*Can consult to the steward if has some problem of alérgeno
Average of Potatoes
Rings of Onion to the Beer
Average of Bravas
12 Nuguets of Chicken
4 Nugets of Chicken
Alitas Seasoned
Pinchitos Seasoned
Alitas Crispy
Potatoes with Mayonnaise
Croquettes of the Grandmother
9 Nuguets of Chicken
Nachos With Flesh
Fries Chease
Average of Chocos
Potatoes Bravas
Average of Pinchos
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