Sweet moment

Momento Dulce
Brownie5,70 €
With ball of vanilla
Coulang 5,70 €
Of hot chocolate with ball of vanilla
Comtesa 4,90 €
Freezing Catalan cream5,40 €
Corneto Classical2,20 €
Mochi3,90 €
Japanese ice cream of coconut
Magnum Almendrado 2,90 €
White cookies
Coco Freezing3,90 €
Net velvet or red velvet€4,95
remosa Born
Carrot cake4,95 €
Bizcocho Done with carrot and Cinnamon with pieces of walnuts
Lemon Foot4,95 €
With merengue Italian and crocante mass broken
Cheesecake 4,95 €
Cake of cheese to the oven with jam of fruits
Crepe Of chocolate5,10 €
Crepe Of white chocolate5,10 €
Crepe Condensed milk5,10 €
Crepe ZEBRA7,10 €
Nutella And white chocolate with ball of vanilla and born
Crepe Nutella 5,10 €
Coffee bombón2,90 €
Coffee with milk condensed
Coffee Afrika6,50 €
Coffee, ball of vanilla, born.
Coffee Irlandes to 3 colours7,15 €
Coffee, Whisky and born

Azoe2,80 € 9,80 €
Nuit Xarel.lo14,30 €
Gorrebusto2,80 € 9,80 €
Gaudeamus Oak14,30 €
Min Crianza16,50 €
But of them Vinyes11,00 €
Ciutat Negre11,00 €
The garnachas of Tritium16,50 €
Balma Brut Nature14,30 €
Lambrusco 6,05 €
Bottle Digs10,05 €
Bloodletting 12,00 €
1 Litre
Bloodletting of digs13,20 €
1 Litre
*Supplement terrace €0,25
*Minimum charge card €10
*More than  6 people does not charge separately
*It can consult to the steward if has some problem of alérgeno
*Supplement terrace €0,25
*minimum Charge card €10
*More than 6 people does not charge separately
*Can consult to the steward if has some problem of alérgeno
Coco Freezing
Mochi Of Coco
Mochi Of Coco 2
Crepe Zebra
Crepe Of Chocolate
Crepe White chocolate
Net Velvet
Crepe Of Nutella
Crepe Dulce of milk
Creamy of Ferrero
Creamy of chese cacke
Creamy of philippine
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