Our Pizzas

Nuestras Pizzas
All the pizzas contain sauce of tomato in the base and mozarrella
Ham and Bacon10,50 €
Ham and Pineapple10,50 €
Ham and Mushrooms10,50 €
Chicken, bacon and onion11,90 €
Ham Roquefort10,50 €
Kebab (Round)9,00 €
Tuna, peppers and Olives10,50 €
4 cheeses11,00 €
Goat13,50 €
Sailor12,40 €
4 Seasons11,90 €
3 cheeses flesh12,40 €
Kebab12,40 €
Barbecue12,40 €
Mexican12,40 €
3 cheeses flesh and chimichurri12,40 €
Tiger (atun, peppers, onion and pineapple)11,90 €
Pizza de 1 metro
Our Recommendations
Goat13,50 €
Cheese of goat 100% with onion caramelizada
Vegetable11,90 €
Corn, olives, mushrooms, artichokes, peppers and onion 
Sailor12,40 €
Salmon and shrimp
4 seasons11,90 €
Ham, mushrooms, olives, anchovies and artichokes
3 cheeses flesh11,90 €
Flesh, grated cheese, onion and white sauce 
Kebab12,40 €
Flesh of Kebab and white sauce
Barbecue12,40 €
Flesh, bacon, onion and sauce barbecue
Mexican12,40 €
3 cheeses flesh and chimichurri12,40 €
Tiger11,90 €
Tuna, peppers, onion and pineapple
Chicken, Bacon, and onion11,90 €
*Supplement terrace €0,25
*minimum Charge card €10
*More than 6 people does not charge separately
*Can consult to the steward if has some problem of alérgeno
Pizza 3Cheese Flesh
Pizza of 4 Cheeses
Pizza of Jamon Bacon
Pizza Tiger
Mexican pizza d
Pizza Jamon Mushrooms
Pizza Jamon Rocafort
Pizza Jamon and Pineapple
Sailor pizza
Pizza of Kebab Round
Pizza cheese of Goat
Vegetal pizza
Pizza of Kebab
Pizza chicken,bacon and onion
Pizza Atun pepper and Olives
Pizza Barbecue
Pizza Jamon
Pizza Spicy Flesh
Pizza 4Seasons
Pizza Atun
Pizza Flesh
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