Our Pizzas

Nuestras Pizzas
All the pizzas contain sauce of tomato in the base and mozarrella
Ham and Bacon9,50 €
Ham and Pineapple9,50 €
Ham and Mushrooms9,50 €
Ham Roquefort9,50 €
Kebab (Round)7,95 €
Tuna, peppers and Olives9,50 €
4 cheeses9,95 €
Pizza de 1 metro
Our Recommendations
Goat12,25 €
Cheese of goat 100% with onion caramelizada
Vegetable10,80 €
Corn, olives, mushrooms, artichokes, peppers and onion 
Sailor11,20 €
Salmon and shrimp
4 seasons10,75 €
Ham, mushrooms, olives, anchovies and artichokes
3 cheeses flesh11,20 €
Flesh, grated cheese, onion and white sauce 
Kebab11,20 €
Flesh of Kebab and white sauce
Barbecue11,20 €
Flesh, bacon, onion and sauce barbecue
Mexican11,20 €
3 cheeses flesh and chimichurri11,25 €
Tiger10,80 €
Tuna, peppers, onion and pineapple
Chicken, Bacon, and onion10,75
*Supplement terrace €0,25
*minimum Charge card €10
*More than 6 people does not charge separately
*Can consult to the steward if has some problem of alérgeno
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