​Monologue Javi Benitez

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​Monólogo Javi Benitez Sunday 13 November
Hour 20:30 

you do not lose you the Monologue of JAVI BENÍTEZ, with a humour chulesco and fun, has a distinct approach of the life in couple. It loves him the TV and the chorradas that do in her and gets along with all less with his mobile. They say that laugh creates crease... As prepare you to remain you like raisins!!!  
Reservations to the 93-479-34-34

Javi Benítez, or Javi “Chulo” was born in Tarragona a caluroso Thursday 2 July 1981 on the 2:00 of the morning, already knew that this hour went to be one of his favourites. All his life has spent it in Cambrils where knew his gang of friends and where he thought that was the chulo guaperas of the group, but in reality was the graciosillo, that that all the girls call it ‘The nice'.

It did not want to be funny wanted to be the chulo ligón, then tried with the Football, since the footballers are those that more tie. After 12 years and see that the squads only wanted to him because it was the host of the wardrobe, the graciosillo that made pleasant the entrenos, darse that it had to take out benefit of his power, the same that Superman with his force, the same that Spiderman with his felt arachnid, the same that Nacho Vidal with… as he had to take out party to what more likes him, do laugh.

In February of 2008 seeing act to Txabi Franquesa and Albert Boira, 2 of the big of the comedy, in the Theatre Metropol of Tarragona, Txabi said him a big sentence: and why no a day can be acting the two on of the stage. Quickly it contacted with Albert Boira that went to do a course of monologues in Set d'Acció. There it knew to big friends and big comics in the actuality, and of this mejunje of crazy minds and with the direction of the craziest, the mestre Albert, premièred in September of 2009 in the Teatre Neu. Being 44 weeks in billboard with ‘The Pinxes of the Humour' did reality what Txabi said him in his day, since it could share, beside his mates, stage with Txabi, Albert and Toni Moog.

While and after his adventure in the theatre, did his career in solitary, acting in the circuit Fresh Comedy, participating in contests and winning some of them, like the Contest of monologues of Europe FM, also presenting contests and galas.

In the actuality, follows without being a ligón, but has won in chulería, therefore it goes on doing what more likes him, goes delivering smiles, since the smile never will be in crisis, and if some day is it, already will come he to rescue it.

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