Cual Is the origin of the Hamburger?

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¿Cual es el origen de la Hamburguesa? It discovers the history of the burgers and enamórate with our delicious options. 

To who do not like him the burgers? To us they love us, by this reason have gone perfecting our card until achieving the best hamburgesas of The Prat: Flesh of angus, bread of brioche, the mythical zebra with double of all… The big question is: Who originated this delicious dish?
There is who says that they were the Turkish in the s. XIV when they hammered the flesh of worse quality to do it more edible… To day of today are many the skilled restaurants in hamburgers gourmet; as ours, that only includes flesh of 1ra quality. 
It counts the legend that later the tartars brought the recipe to Hamburg (Germany) But no the recipe that know if no the Steak tartar: the origin of our dear hamburger. To what finish you to darse of where comes the name?
Later the recipe exited of the biggest port of Europe in Hamburg to arrive to United States where, in 1895, Louis Lassen elaborates the first recipe of hamburger as we know it. 
To day of today many have added to cook burgers and we listen the demands of our clients, therefore we have gone perfecting the recipe. You can find 7 types of burger in our card: All include tall flesh quality, tender bread of brioche and natural ingredients.  
Among our options stood out have the hamburger Zebra with double of flesh, double of cheese and double of bacon; also we stand out the Burger of chicken rebozado: Giraffe… A delight that apetece to all hours. 
The last incorporation of this year is the new Gourmet Burger, 200g of flesh of Angus of 1ra that can accompany with your favourite ingredients. In our card will find a selection of additions to make the hamburger to your taste; And always the possibility to turn into it menu by €3,50 with potatoes and drunk. 
We expect that there is you likes to know a bit more on our burgers and that already have win to come to Afrika Prat to by one: we expect You!
Hamburger with egg and bacon.
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