The challenge of the pizza of metre

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El reto de la pizza de metro It would like you participate in the challenge of the pizza of 1m? In Afrika Prat defy you to complete the fastest challenge that anybody and spend you a big reward. It shows what cost in the challenge of the pizza of 1m the next 19 May at 20:00h in our venue.

It shows what cost in the challenge of the pizza of 1m the next 19 May at 20:00h in our venue.

They are many the restaurants that add to the tradition, imported of USE, of the challenges of lunch. In Afrika Prat have been thinking how could make this contest, so that the professional canteens of Barcelona and surroundings could have the opportunity to defy with our dishes. 

The challenges of burgers are the most popular in the american food dinners of Barcelona, by this reason have wanted to desmarcarnos and retar to the public with our more sold dish: The pizzas!

How already you know our pizzas are 100% owners, from the mass until the horneado to the firewood; this allows to create your favourite pizzas from zero and also helps us to elaborate our challenge of the pizza of 1m with minimum 3 ingredients (+ mozzarella and basic tomato)

The thing does not remain here, reason also will add a chronometer; the commensal that finalise faster will be the first in chairing our wall of the honours; it will not pay at all, besides it will spend a T-shirt of winner of the challenge and €70 in metallic.

You would aim you? Already they are many those that are wishing to participate in our challenge to eat pizza in less time in Barcelona, if you want to participate esríbenos by private in our social nets.

  • The challenge has a limit of time timed to the that 1ro finished, will initiate once that you begin to eat. To the best mark.
  • The challenge will be of 1 person, anybody at the side.
  • The winner of the challenge does not pay, will spend a T-shirt like winner, will appear in our Hall of The fame of Pizzeria Afrika, in addition to a quantity in metallic of €70.​
  • In not surpassing the challenge will have to pay the amount of the participation: €50. 
  • The pizzas will be able to minimum 3 ingredients. Mozarella And included tomato. 
  • It can not remain at all in the dish. 
  • It will not be able to wet any food for an easy consumption.
  • The challenge finalises when remaining the entirely empty mouth and at all in the dish. 
  • It will not be able to vomit during the challenge, immediately the one who vomit during the challenge will remain deleted. - Diseño de paginas - Guia comercial de el prat