Purposes of 2019

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Propósitos de 2019 This year they have accompanied us a lot of novelties. You want to know that it will offer us the 2019? They see to Afrika Prat to Discover it. 

This year new comes uploaded of a lot of surprises in the Prat. After a wonderful 2018, that already leave backwards, with the presentation of the new card; that it situated us like one of the best restaurants of pizza in the Prat. As well as the introduction of new ingredients like the bread of brioche and the hamburger gourmet, a new speciality of hamburgers in Barcelona that allows the selection of all the additions that wish to create the best burger. 

Also we have to do special quotation to our pizza of metre, horneada to the firewood and with home-made mass done to the day beside fresh and natural ingredients to obtain a delicious traditional recipe with more than 10 variants. In our pizza of metre to share can select until 4 distinct types of pizza and add your favourite ingredients by an extra. You do not forget you to try the version gourmet of the pizza with foie and ham of duck, a delight for the more sibaritas. 

In our section of novelties, reformulamos two very sued recipes: the mythical fries and cheese with home-made white sauce and the new nachos with guacamole, flesh and three cheeses melted... Lovers of the nachos, here have all what wish. 

We expect that this year you want to accompany us with all the novelties and surprises among stoves and in the room; The best thematic restaurant of the Prat where find wild fauna, to all the famous and the best cookery fast to give a caprichito of Tuesday to Sunday. We expect you in Afrika Prat. Happy 2019. 
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