It live the paste!

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¡Viva la pasta! It enjoys of our dishes by €5 in the world-wide day of the paste. 

If you are an unconditional fan of the paste, are in luck. 25 October it is the international day of the paste! In 1995 (23 years ago for the enemies of the matt) decided in the first congress of paste made in Rome that this was the day chosen. 
At present they exist million recipes with paste, even contests with the best creations. His origin debate among China and Italy but his world-wide propagation has to to the roman empire.  
The nutritious value of the paste goes back it an ideal dish for all those people that exert a lot of energy in his daily tasks, when being formed with cereals and water (egg in some occasions) considers an ideal food for any diet.  
In Afrika Prat want to celebrate this day offering you all the dishes of paste to €5. Only by a day enjoys of spagetti, ravioli, lasagna… by €5. We see us this Thursday 25 October 2018 in Afrika Prat. 
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