The pizza of metre of the Prat

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La pizza de metro del Prat Pizza to the oven of firewood with natural ingredients and now in format 1 metre so that you can share with 5 friends from €38. 

There are a lot of things that differentiate our pizzas of the rest: his square form, more than 20 flavours, the possibility to do it to your taste… Now have created a new format so that you can share the best pizza of the Prat with the one who your want to to the best price. It arrives the pizza of Metre to Afrika Prat.
Our pizza of metre is the option with more offer that will do you save to you and to your friends. 1 metre of pizza by €38!With until four flavours to choose and thought to share with five friends.  
They see to celebrate moments with your family and friends and saves money in the best pizzeria of the Prat. All the basic: pizza of ham and cheese, pizza of tuna, pizza four cheeses  by €38, four different flavours in 1metre of pizza. All the extra flavours have a charge of €2, will find them identified in our card.  
We have been chosen like the best pizzeria of the Prat by our home-made mass, elaborated daily by our chefs. As well as the variety and selection of our ingredients; always natural and favouring to the local trade. Horneamos Ours pizza to the firewood to add him this only flavour and inconfundible of the traditional recipe of the pizza.  They see to visit us and will be able to see in direct as we make your pizza. 
If you want to enjoy of the experience of a pizza of metre reserves your table in our telephone 93 370 97 31.  To consult our card of pizzas do click here. 
We expect you in C.Dolores Ibárruri, 35-37
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